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Crypto Coins Invest was founded in 2013 and at the end of 2016, converted to a private limited company under a different name: Engofor B.V.

The company was initially founded as the merits of trading currencies were too high to do "with it." It was not until early 2015, after achieving huge successes on a structural basis, decided to combine the personal goals, helping people in the broadest sense of the word, by the founder of a commercial model.

The commercial objective hundred times earnings with trading currencies in 12 months time.

The social aim: people, known and unknown, this to benefit them.

To make the model more stable earnings should not be entirely dependent on one person and only exchange rates, for this reason were several successful partners from different fields and from its own network brought together.

Several sessions later, there are several collaborations came about so that the merits of the business currently consists of the following components:


Ø  Currency rates

Ø  Real estate, rental and sale

Ø  Company Acquisitions

Ø  Binary options 

In this video I explain step by step the essence of Engofor:




The revenue model for you is based on 3 different packages, for more information  click on the image below:


An example of the possibilities:
We do this out of Plan 1, viz
Columns: 1

Ø  Deposits of $ 10 to $ 10,000·

Ø  Duration 40 (calendar) days·

Ø  Interest 1.5% per day -> 45% per month·

Ø  After 40 (calender)-days subscription available again




As you can see, you will receive with a loan amount of
$ 1,000 in the 4th month already nearly $ 564 and $ 1,000 per month  after 5 months
(excluding profits from referrals).


I wish you well this extra money
. Together we will make a great success here. I will help you with this.
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